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GREETINGS H-Metro readers, Zimbabwe music followers and fun-loving people in general.

It’s quite an honour to contribute to this column in my capacity as a guitarist who de ed odds to make it in the mainstream industry.


Plucked from the back of beyond, I never expected that one day I would find myself working for my idol, whose music we used to hear on radio and watch on television.


I see the hand of the Lord in my life; to be here in the capital rubbing shoulders with some of the nest artistes I never dreamt of


To find out more about this special person who made me realise my dream and move to the capital where I am now based,
read on….


My name is Saul Zindonda, a member of Zimbabwe All Stars fronted by Leonard Zhakata.


I was born on 11 March 1993 at Holy Cross Mission in Mvuma.


Afer my birth, my family relocated to Gutu; the place I still call home. I’m the third child in a family of three boys.

My elder brothers are Tafara and Tawanda.

Unfortunately, I lost my father Fidelis Zindonda in 1994, a few months a er my birth.


My mother Faustina Gwaendepi died in 2006, leaving me completely orphaned at the age of 13.


I attended Chiguhune Primary School from Grade One to Six and did Grade Seven at Chivake Primary School in the same area.


For my secondary education, I attended Chiguhune High School. A er high school, I went to Triangle where I worked in
sugar cane plantations.


I worked there for six months and my job involved irrigating sugar cane.


However, I realised that I had a special calling, which is in music and this prompted me to leave the plantations to come to Harare in search for opportunities.



Growing up, I loved music and we used to sing at church.

In the year 2006, I was taught to play a guitar by a fellow villager called Gilbert Ngirazi in Gutu.


Ngirazi is one of the unsung heroes in the back of beyond who taught me to play the lead and rhythm guitars.


He made me realise that I was a ne guitarist since I then made a transition from playing a home-made banjo to play an electronic guitar.

As a child, I was inspired by Leonard Zhakata and Alick Macheso. I used to play their songs during Civics Day at school.
I was so talented that teachers would come to watch me playing the guitar.


At one point, the hall was almost deserted as children, teachers and fellow villagers came to see me playing the guitar.


I made a killing as people pampered me with money and I later realised that I had a talent.


My dream was to meet Zhakata and play for him since I had mastered most of his songs such as Mugove, Mubikira, Gomba Remarara and Rwendo Rwembiri, among others.


Before I joined Zhakata in 2013, I found myself performing in churches.


I once worked with Lucky Chikuwa at Zambuko Apostolic Church as a guitarist.


Afterwards, I joined little-known, but talented Simon Shumba who was based in Gokwe.


I worked with him for two years before I decided to try my luck at Zimbabwe All Stars.


Determined to move on and perform in the mainstream music industry, I found myself at Leonard Zhakata’s camp in 2013.I attended their rehearsals in town where I begged to join.


When I was given the chance, I nailed it and Zhakata advised me to come back for rehearsals the following day.


Since then, our “bromance” blossomed to this day.


I featured on all the albums that he recorded from 2013 to date.




As a young guitarist, Zhakata taught me to be humble and respectful.


He is a so guy who can be rm and hard on hotheads. This could be the reason why his band is still intact and professionalism has become our staple.


Despite my humble background, Zhakata made me realise that I was a special and I could play all the guitars when there was need to do so.


On his forthcoming album, which was due before Christmas, I played most of the instruments and to get that kind of support
from a seasoned artiste like Zhakata is a plus.


As a mature man in his late 20s, there is need for me to settle down. At the moment I’m single, but I’m seeing someone that I am ready to marry.

With Harare girls, you need to be thorough when searching for a woman to marry because they can break your heart to shreds.

This the kind of heart-break that I’m not looking forward to in my life.


To be precise, I’m in a relationship and ready to marry.


Besides music, I am also a forkli operator/driver at Pepsi.


I have been working for a couple of months now and I enjoy my job.


As a guitarist, we need not wait for music, only but do other things to survive.


Covid-19 has taught us that we need to be rm and innovative.


In fact, Covid-19 came as a lesson to us that we need to work hard and diversify in order to survive.


As it stands right now, we don’t even know when we are going to be allowed to resume live shows, but families need to be fed so we need to think outside the box.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank the Almighty for giving me this amazing talent.


I would also like to thank Leonard Zhakata who gave me the opportunity, relatives, friends and fans who have been supportive
all these years.

Happy reading.

Thank you!

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