Melanin ZW’s self-love message

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Melanin ZW’s self-love message


11 April 2018


…fighting colourism through fashion


UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe final year Political Science student, Susan Avante Mafusire, is determined to spread the message of self-love.

The 21-year-old has worked on a number of signature prints under her brand Beauty Diverse and named the project Melanin ZW.

With the professional help of Liteprint, Mafusire’s range of T-shirts, caps, hoodies, track suits, vests and sweaters, the designer aims to fight colorism through fashion.

“The company seek to celebrate all forms of beauty to fight the discriminations cast upon some other types of beauties.

“This brand was inspired by Melanin ZW a movement that aims at emancipating, promoting and most of all expose the beauty of our  Zimbabwean dark women and girls who in the past and this terrible present have been degraded ,discriminated and made ugly by the market oriented  yellow bone trend.

“A trend that has not only negatively added to the sexual objectification of our light skinned women but has also been used to abuse dark skinned women via the creation of fake beauty demarcations,” she said.

Mafusire said her dream is to have an internationally recognised brand and has been marketing the baby on all platforms to sustain it.

She went on to acknowledge the skin bleaching virus around the campus and spoke against saying melanin is a gift from God.

“These markets made beauty demarcations atmospherically or rather say in invisible ways exclude dark skinned women from the beauty arena a reality that has manifested itself in the rise of extreme cosmetic adjustments that are close to destructions.

“Beauty Diverse through the Melanin ZW movement has hosted a wide range of activities, from awareness campaigns, modelling grooming and contests and public debates in an effort to educate and empower society.

“The brand is being received very well, l am sure this is what they needed but no one had the courage to speak out on it, so many people are supporting this vision with no doubt,” Mafusire told H-Metro.

Melanin ZW has been engaging in runway shows, and photo shoots to increase their visibility.

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