Mhere blasts People who wish him dead

Latwell Nyangu

Gospel musician Mathias Mhere has spoken out against social media users who wish death on others. 

The condemnation came after a post last week falsely announced that he had died in a road accident as he returned from a musical show. 

Mhere stated that it is not acceptable to wish harm on anyone and urged people to be more mindful of what they post online. 

He also revealed that he is currently busy working on a new album, due to be released early next year, and will be releasing two singles before then, along with accompanying music videos.

The post on social media Mhere condemned read:

Kana une mwoyo ingonyorawo kuti RIP kuna Mathias Mhere aita tsaona achibva ku show ashaika. Aroverwa ne truck. Band rese raparara.”

The singer said this post was dark.

“This is not the first time people are writing about that. Unoshaya kuti why do people wish someone dead. They post about things they don’t have evidence of or things they never saw.

“I am alive. Yes, we had a show, but we never got into an accident. It was just them writing what they want,” he said.

 Mhere said that despite people wishing him dead, he is making some progress on his music.

“Above all, totenda Mwari anotichengeta; people have different wishes, but God is the protector,” said Mhere.

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