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Trust Khosa , Assistant News Editor

MATHIAS MHERE reckons congregants should stop worshipping their pastors.

The 32-year-old said it was high time congregants respected and treated their parents better than their pastors or church elders by providing for them.

He opened up in his latest video to the song Baba naMai off his ninth album Talika Kumi. Shot in the scenic eastern highlands by Naxo Films, the video has since been uploaded on YouTube.


However, it’s impact and message have not been good news to some pastors who felt hard done by the award-winning gospel musician.

“My phone has been inundated with calls from some church leaders and pastors who claim I am a bit offside by denouncing congregants who treat their pastors better than their biological parents.


“I penned this song after the realisation that some congregants were neglecting their parents, while pampering pastors and church elders with gifts at the expense of their parents,” he said.


Mhere said he would not change his stance against “rogue” pastors who are hoodwinking unsuspecting congregants.


“To be honest with you, I won’t change my stance to please these selfish pastors because the Bible itself says ‘you should honour your father and mother’ which is clear for everybody.


“It’s sad that some of the congregants realise that their parents were precious when it is too late or when they are gone,” he said.


Mhere, who has not been spared by the effects of Covid-19, said he will continue working hard in preaching the word of God through music.


“We are living in trying times, but we still have a mandate to fulfil the word of God as ministers of the word through music.


“This is the reason why we continue churning out new music and beautiful videos.


“This video that I have released has just come at the right time since we need to engage our fans and enlighten them on some of the issues that might have been haunting them.


“There are also some people who might have been led astray that we have helped through this video and we will continue doing more,” he said.


Buoyed by the success of his latest album Talita Kumi, Mhere has vowed to continue working on new videos.


Besides Baba naMai, the album is laden with spiritually uplifting songs such as Dhiraivha Weupenyu, Henyu HwaRazaro, Mumunda weEden, Baba Namai, Munhu Yeuka Uri Huruva, Tsunga Moyo, Svitsa, Zvemusha WaJob and Zvipo Zvinosiyana.

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