Middlemen cash in on last minute shoppers

30 Mar, 2020 - 16:03 0 Views
Middlemen cash in on last minute shoppers


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

LAST minute shoppers yesterday fell victim of the recently regularised multi-currency to potato and tomato farmers at Rufaro Stadium.

The rush for potatoes and tomatoes saw shoppers being charged in foreign currency and some of them discovered it later that some of them were not in good taste.

One of the victims Shadreck Berejena, 31, regrets buying 3 pockets of potatoes and a two boxes of tomatoes after he later discovered that some were in bad taste.

“Pakaipa wangu ndabhadhara US$10 for this pocket but third of them are rotten and they are refusing to refund arguing that they do not remember me since there are a lot of customers,” said Berejena.

“I could not get my salary on time and by the time we received our dues most of the groceries have been hiked that is why I decided to visit Mbare for these items.

“Chickens are better although they are demanding US$7, todii wangu COVID-19 yauya kuipa hameno tikadzoka basa racho richiripo takumbonozvivharira mudzimba takasaita mamota nekugara,” he said regretting his shopping.

In an interview with one of the farmers who refused to identify himself, justified their price increase arguing that perishables can leave farmers poorer if not handled well.

“We do not take returns in business of selling perishable goods since it requires better handling and refrigeration,” said the farmer.

“To be honest with you, this COVID-19 shutdown affects farmers more than any other businesses since timing and available market is of importance.

“The three-week lockdown will see our potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables and all the greens unsuitable to return to the market and this is why we are now charging in foreign currency so as to buy new seeds and have hope of returning to the green gardens after the lockdown,” he said.

Farmers were lined up at the car parking area Rufaro Stadiums where trucks loaded with potatoes and tomatoes were a major attraction and other green vegetables.



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