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THERE’S trouble in the paradise of a midget couple’s marriage whose wedding was exclusively covered by H-Metro in 2021.

Phillip and Esnath Marufu were in court yesterday in a case in which Phillip and his siblings are being accused of assaulting Esnath.

Phillip, Dominic and Otillia appeared before Harare magistrate Minel Narotam yesterday charged with assault.

The court heard that last Sunday, Phillip pushed and shoved his wife, chasing her from their house following a misunderstanding.

He allegedly slapped her while his brother, Dominic, held her hands.


Phillip and Esnath’s wedding made headlines

His sister, Otillia, allegedly poked Esnath in the face repeatedly while also holding her hands.

The next day, Esnath found out that some money, which was in her handbag, was missing after the three siblings had left.

She then reported them to the police for assault and she underwent some medical examinations.

Issues of bail didn’t arise as they were summoned to court.

The case is set to shock many, who had seen the couple as a symbol of love and happiness.

Phillip and Esnath went viral on social media in 2021 after their wedding pictures, and story, were shared on the H-Metro online platforms.

Many praised them for breaking societal hurdles and choosing to love each other regardless of their size.

Some even referred to them as “little people with big love”.

However, the recent turn of events is likely to leave many saddened and disappointed.

Kudzanai Mudzamiri prosecuted.

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