Midlands gala unites fans

Blessings Chidakwa

MUSIC doesn’t lie.

It is very spiritual and has the power to bring people together.

This was the case at Chachacha Business Centre in Shurugwi where an array of musicians wowed the crowd with polished performances at a musical gala to honour heroes and heroines of the country’s liberation struggle.

The Midlands gala was held to specifically honour heroes that hailed from the province, who include General Josiah Magama Tongogara, Leopold Takawira, General Nikita Mangena, among others.

The gala brought people together through the power of music. Top musicians such as Charles and Olivia Charamba, Alick Macheso, Chief Hwenje and Holy 10 performed polished and energetic sets that left the crowd spellbound.

Fans of all ages enjoyed the event, with many expressing their desire for the galas to be held annually. The success of the event without any violence showed that the Government struck the right chords in bringing people together.

Those with ears heard, with eyes saw, the once defunct, dull business centre of Chachacha came to life with captivating performances from an array of top-class artists that kept revellers on their toes the whole night.

Macheso proved that sungura lives in him and he lives in it.

He was just electric just like other artists who performed, including jazz legend Jays Marabini.

Energetic performer, Jah Master, was at his usual best, putting up a spirited effort and leaving fans begging for more.

Man of the moment, Chief Hwenje whose song Mai Welly has taken the charts by storm, was a cut above the rest.

His songs connected well with the fans who sang along.

In an interview after his performance, Chief Hwenje said it was an honour to be part of the galas which were held in all provinces.

“All the galas were held professionally without any cases of violence which is a commendable feat. They also attracted people from all age groups showing that the Government struck the right chords,” he said.

A reveller, Miss Tania Kamwendo, was over the moon after watching the top-notch performances.

“It was my first time seeing Alick Macheso performing live on stage. I have to admit I was thrilled and my wish is for these galas to be held annually,” she said.

Another reveller, Archibald Masora, said the gala was nostalgic as it reminded him of his days at Tembwe.

“It was a gala to remember,” he said.

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