Mijintu denounces domestic violence

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Mijintu denounces domestic violence


17 October 2018

Innocent Mijuntu

TOP rhythm guitarist Innocent Mijuntu will use his forthcoming album to denounce violence and building love around families.

The five track offering is titled, Ndapa Kutenda.

The album comes at a time when the ZARE music leader has also renewed his acquaintances with Barura Express.

“I have finished working on a new album in which I believe I have put in a 100 percent effort for a quality product.

“This is my 16th album and I have made a commitment to promote the new music through a joint effort with frontmen of Barura Express.

“This is an ideal album for growing love between us a nation and saying no to violence,” he said.

He says he is working on a release date.

“Everything is now set and now only working a possible launch date where I plan to give my fans the product.

“I will be working with Tendai Dembo on a couple of shows promoting the album so that his father’s legacy and that which I created for my son through Zera continues to live on,” he said.

Songs on the album include Mwenga, Vachati, Regai Mhirizhonga, Kupiwa Kwacho and Namhlange.

On the song Regai Mhirizhonga, Mijuntu tackles violence tracing it from the ordinary man’s home urging listeners to desist from the practice.

The album was recorded at Gramma Records.


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