Minister Mutsvangwa leads by example

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Minister Mutsvangwa leads by example Minister Mutsvangwa receives the Sinopharm jab


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

Cabinet minister Monica Mutsvangwa on Monday joined rest of the world in celebrating the International Women’s Day in style by taking the lead in receiving the Sinopharm jab.

The Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services minister said it was her duty to rally women to safety against the global pandemic.

“I want all Zimbabwean women out there to know the benefits of being vaccinated when we have been visited by this global pandemic.


“It’s a serious problem and we are saying to the public that it is important that we get vaccinated; everyone should be vaccinated.


“This is my way of celebrating with the women of this country and putting across a message that the Sinopharm vaccine is good in weakening the virus,” she said.


Minister Mutsvangwa revisited the benefits of the vaccine.


“The vaccine that I have just received is good for us, however, it doesn’t make me immune to the virus but it will weaken it.


“This is why I will continue wearing my mask, wash my hands, I will continue sanitizing my hands and continue working.


“This is the way to go Zimbabweans and let’s continue to follow regulations given to us by government and the World Health Organisation,” she said.


She said citizens should reconsider receiving the vaccine.


“I am saying to my fellow Zimbabweans that let’s think seriously about this and be grateful of our President who made it possible to have the vaccine in the country.


“Zimbabwe is among the very few African countries that have begun receiving the vaccine and administering it to its citizens,” she said.


She said government was working on achieving a 60 percent herd immunity.


“Let’s get vaccinated. It will save our lives, save our loved ones and get back to building our country.


“We are known as hardworking people, very resourceful, we want to kill the virus and survive so that the economy gets back to being normal.


“Those who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated, we want to achieve a 60 percent herd immunity of our population,” she said.


She also thanked local people who have already rallied behind government’s efforts by following calls to get vaccinated.


The minster also gave an account how the Hungarian President led people to be vaccinated in the country recently.


Encouraging news around the world is that doctors say the vaccine-induced immunity is more robust than natural immunity.


Dr. Larry Corey, co-director of the national COVID-19 vaccine trials network based at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre has noted that most of the vaccines remain highly effective — even against the variants — in their most crucial function: preventing hospitalization and deaths.


The Sinopharm vaccine has also been taken to Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil.

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