Minister Parirenyatwa slams child abuse

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Minister Parirenyatwa slams child abuse


12 December 2016

Min Parirenyatwa

Min Parirenyatwa

“Do not abuse children. Look at how innocent they are, but then you see some people abusing them and some go on to sexually abuse them. Whether you are the real parent or step mother or father, we do not want to hear of any form of abuse to these leaders of tomorrow.”

These were the words of the guest of honour and also the Health and Child Care minister Dr David Parirenyatwa at a graduation ceremony held at Eastview infant school in the capital on Saturday.


“Children have rights and they also have health rights. I am really excited that Eastview and Harvard Juniors Schools’ teachers know how important it is to groom and nurture children to become responsible leaders of tomorrow and also the parents for appreciating the significance of investing in their children’s education.

“At this tender age it is critical that you do not lecture to these young ones because they are still tender and what you impart to them lasts for a long time. Be practical with them and do things with them so that you also assist their teachers in grooming them to become responsible adults.

“Teachers you are also the ones who pick out signals from these kids that things are not well at home therefore I urge you to counsel these parents on how they should communicate with their children so that they also do not abuse them unknowingly,” he said.


Added Dr Parirenyatwa:

“When a child is born the most important thing is their health and what they imbibe at nursery schools is also critical towards reflecting how they look after their own health. I am told that this school has managed to put all these things together, the psychology, religious growth of a person and etiquette, that is so important and it helps your health.

“I am so delighted that we came here as an example to strengthen what the government is doing through the ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. We are going to run a school Health Programme in conjunction with the ministry of Primary and secondary education where will look at the health of children and how these schools are looking out at these schools are taking care of these kids’ health needs so that they are able to pick up early diseases in children,” he said.

Meanwhile Harvard Junior School and Eastview Nursery School Head Loice Magweba said they have managed well to inculcate issues to do with health in young learners.

“Health is an important aspect of our Zimbabwean ECD curriculum and we should embrace issues to do with health because there is nothing we can achieve without sound health so when it comes to education its health first then education.

“For the ECDs you need to give to them a balanced diet, in order for them to grow as well as master everything that you impart to them. This year’s theme is health and development because we value the aspect of health which is in our Zimbabwean curriculum.

“Every house is as strong as its foundation and therefore we believe that we have a major role to play in grooming young learners to become responsible future leaders.”

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