Ministry appreciates new discoveries

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Ministry appreciates new discoveries


2 November 2018

Minister Moyo with Prophet Walter Magaya

MINISTRY of Health and Child Care, Obadiah Moyo, said Zimbabwe appreciates new discoveries and Prophet Walter Magaya’s herb will undergo a thorough scientifically proven process before they are used in the country.

Minister Moyo said Prophet Magaya will hand over the clinical tests documents he got from India and finance the clinical trials to be carried by local researchers and scientists.

“Prophet Magaya has since apologised for going a bit too fast and not realising his popularity and the impact of his message to the general populations,” said Minister Moyo.

“Normally we have other prophets who are of a small caliber, they talk to a small congregation and there will not be any distortions coming out of whatever we say.

“But because of Prophet Magaya’s popularity and the coverage he got from the media, his message came out with distortions in the system that we have in the regulation of medicines in Zimbabwe.

“However, he now appreciates that there are regulations to be followed, which is very good, because of that we want to continue exercising to the population that whatever ARVs that you are on please carry on taking them.

“Prophet Magaya’s medications are not yet approved. Yes he has the claim on the basis of the research carried in India that was in India not in Zimbabwe.

“For the purposes of registration of a drug in Zimbabwe there are regulations to be followed. I would like everybody to know that he holds a license and that is the license which he was basing on.

“That license will give him an opportunity to be able to register his herbal complimentary medicine which will require clinical trials.

“We are luck that we have got all those regulations in place but was unfortunate that he had not followed the regulations as stipulated in our Act.”

Minister Moyo said Prophet Magaya has assured them that he will follow all the process.

“He has sent a message of apology and he has guaranteed us that there will be not any one single person in and outside Zimbabwe will get the herb until we finish that thorough testing process.

“That thorough testing process will start with him giving us the documentation from India. We need to see what the Indians have done.

“From that we will forward the processes through our medicines control of Zimbabwe and we involve independent doctors, scientists and researchers and at the end of the day we will come out with correct information that Prophet Magaya’s medicine work or do not work,” said Minister Moyo.

Minister Moyo said the ministry will be strict with local and foreign medicines that made their way into the country for the past years he said had negative side effects.

He said Prophet Magaya’s discoveries has helped the ministry in coming up with strict measures to protect people’s health.

“The complimentary medicines that made their way into the country for quite some time has negative effects to some patients and doctors recognised it upon interviewing them,” said Minister Moyo.

“A lot of doctors told us that the medicines has caused renal failure and we want to strengthen the authorization processes so as to make sure the population is protected and we will leave no stone unturned.

“A rigorous testing process is going to be taken. Whoever has the products we are going to take action and make sure people are protected,” he said.

Prophet Magaya reiterated that he strongly stands by discoveries adding that by taking the herb to India he wanted to protect the plant as well as respecting the machinery that the Indians have according to international rankings.

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