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Trust Khos, Assistant News Editor

CONGOLESE chanter Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika reckons miracles and loving people still exist.

The chanter, who recently grabbed headlines after telling this publication that he was failing to fend for his family on lockdown, said this after being bailed by South Africa rapper King 98.

The South Africa based rapper was yesterday the talk of showbiz after he handed over groceries worth over ZW$10000 to the nomadic chanter Gift “Shiga-Shiga” Katulika and his wife as part of his social responsibility.

He also gave the chanter US$100 to fend for his family.

Others who received similar packaged comprise Sam Mataure, Progress Chipfumo and two more elderly people identified on Star FM.

The donations was part of the budget King 98 intended to use to shoot his videos.

And the youngster, who continues to win hearts of hip hop across the African continent, decided to shelve productions and helped Shiga along with fellow musicians.

“Miracles still exist my brother and I can’t believe I’m now receiving all this because of a newspaper article.

“I have realised the power of the pen and from today I will continue respecting journalists.

“When I appealed for help, I didn’t mind what the feedback would be because I can now survive and fend for my family.

“I would like to thank King 98 for his love because he showed us that you don’t need to be young to help others.

“I’m a grown up man receiving aid from this young person and I would like to thank them for all this,” he said.

Shiga said it was high time artistes and celebrities put aside pride and live within their means.

“I have realised that most of us (celebrities) pretend to be living large when in actual fact we are really poor.

“This has led to some of us dying from depression because we are not real.

“In my case, I’m one person who is never shy to express himself because I know life is not easy.

“The lockdown has taught us a lesson that we need to have other sources of income and savings,” he said.






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