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PAKARE Paye Arts Centre product, Tapiwanashe Mugadza, yesterday hailed songbird of the moment, Feli Nandi, for giving him a lifeline after he fell on hard times.

Mugadza, who passed through the late Oliver “Tuku” Mutudzia’s tutelage, became jobless when he left Ashton “Mbeu” Nyahora.

A long-serving member of the Mhodzi Tribe, Mugadza says he left Mbeu last year due to poor remuneration.


“I was in the same class with Mbeu at Pakare Paye where we were all groomed by Tuku dating back to 2008 along with Munya Mataruse, Terry Mbofana, Sarungano, among others.

“He gave me an option to work in his band but there was a time when I decided to stop after realising I was wasting my time and decided to venture in my other side hustle as a sales representative dealing in cars.

“I then met Feli Nandi, who was looking for a percussionist and drummer, and I easily passed the test last year and became part of her band,” he said.

The 29-year-old added: “I used to depend on my father but when he died, I had nowhere to start from given I was someone with a small family living in Norton.

“My situation changed for the better when I started working with Feli Nandi as an instrumentalist.

“She is arguably one of the best paying artists who prioritises the welfare of her fellow band members.

“She doesn’t treat us as her employees but as family members, which makes the working environment conducive.”

Mugadza says the recent 2023 Zima double award-winner deserves her success due to hard work.

“I can safely say Feli Nandi is one of the most hard working artists who is also a perfectionist.

“Besides being a multi-tasking woman, Feli Nandi is serious with rehearsals.


“Every rehearsal resembles a live show and that could be the reason why she always gives her best whenever she performs.”

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