Misred’s double delight

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Misred’s double delight


13 May 2016


Mis Red

SAMANTHA Musa, otherwise known as Misred, on Sunday 8 May had a double celebration as she marked her 27th birthday on a day mothers were being honoured worldwide. She is a proud mother of one!

The ZiFM breakfast presenter had an eventful Saturday, at least on Twitter, as she posed as many questions as she could on the future of the country amid challenges that the youths are facing.

When she asked for twitter handles of the country’s ministers, some even suspected her “twitter” had been hacked. She explains:

“It was a time of reflection of the times. Many people have these very thoughts, we are a dynamic country and its great that some of our government officials have embraced social media as a way for the people to have direct access and express their concerns openly, which is what happened.”

(1)Tell what having a birthday on Mother’s Day meant to you?

With the cash crunch we are currently facing it was well timed, cost effective *Laughs* but on a more serious note for me, a birthday is a time to celebrate the joy of life. It’s also an occasion to rethink your life: How great is the disparity between what I have accomplished and what I can accomplish? Am I spending my time properly or am I involved in things that distract me from my higher calling? How can I strengthen the thread that connects my outer life and my inner life, my spirituality and so many other questions of that nature? Not just as an individual but reflection as a mother which is the most important role I have.

(2) How have u been fulfilling your 2016 resolutions to date?

I am sure there is a saying that goes” resolutions are made to be broken. “Well I am meticulous when it comes to planning out the year, sometimes I will slip off the plan but most times I get things done. In month 5 of 2016, it has been slower than expected because of external factors but the year still has 7 months left so I am optimistic we will make up for lost time.

(3) So many birthday messages on social media, anything big materially from those messages?

This may sound cheesy but apart from the many promises of zvihuta, the biggest thing materially was the amount of love I felt and you cannot quantify that! *Laughs* not just from my Zimbabwean family but people I have worked with from across Africa, celebrities and industry giants.


(4) Winter is approaching, would you quit Breakfast show if given a choice?

Never! We are fire starters so even when it’s cold we make sure we bring the Heat!

(5) What was the best thing to happen to you on Sunday?

The best thing that happened was that I got to spend quality time with my daughter, most times it gets busy for me because I am a single parent. I may not get to spend as much time as I would like with her but this Sunday was all about me and her, no distractions.

(6) Growing a year older, what’s of the year gone by that you wish had never happened?

I wish I had procrastinated less. I recently had my first experience with a life coach and discovered a lot about how I was wasting time on things that make me regress.



(7) The chihuta craze, what’s your take?

I honestly find it hilarious, the jokes, the songs, everything! It goes to show how social media has evolved and become a powerful medium in our country because it all really amplified online. It speaks to our current social habits. I hope marketing people are taking notes. But it goes to show that regardless of the tough times Zimbabweans may face, their hearts remain warm, they never stop smiling & crack great jokes, even if it is a serious matter.

(8) The National Pledge, your view?

That’s a big debate that has many people debating…I’m watching for the verdict from the jury of public opinion just like you.

(9) Bond Notes, your view?

Still trying to figure it out! It has taught me to do more research on living cashless. I now have a list of different services providers I can use with my Bank card, guess what, I’ve gone cashless! I now know where to shop, fuel up, go dinner, get electricity etc. without the use of cash which I probably wouldn’t have done or made an effort to do had we not gone through this phase.

(10) What’s in store for the 27th year of Sammie?

A lot of growth within the media space, locally, regionally! We are in interesting times but like I always say, less talk more action!


Samantha M Musa (Misred)
Producer & ON-AIR Personality
Weekdays 06h00-10h00 C.A.T.
Follow on twitter: @imisred

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