Miss Twins Zim date set

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Miss Twins Zim date set Sarah Dee Nkala with contestin twins Linda (L) and Lippie Ndagurwa


16 November 2018

Sarah Dee Nkala with contestin twins Linda (L) and Lippie Ndagurwa

The inaugural Miss Twins Zimbabwe pageant will be held on December 15 at East Point, ending weeks of speculation.

Founded in February by Sarah Dhliwayo Nkala, the pageant is aimed at empowering and uniting the girl chid, get rid of prostitution and prove that hard work is the key to success.

Sarah gave an insight on how she came up with the name Miss Twins and its aim as well as duties.

“Miss Twins Pageant is the first of its kind in the world. It aims to highlight and give confidence to girls specifically twins aged 18-26 years.

“Twins are given platform to showcase their talents which will lead their survival.

“The crowned twins are given an opportunity to give back to their community  by doing charity asks, clean up campaigns, projects and to create employment for themselves and their fellow young women and men in their communities,” said Sarah.

She  said the reason why she named the pageant Miss Twins is because of the unity among twins.

Ten sets of twins are to contest on December 15 at East Point and the tickets are going for $15 ordinary, $50 VIP and $100 VVIP.

Half of the money which will be won by the twins will be given back to the community.

The finalists who won the auditions in Harare Linda and Lippie Ndagurwa were present at the press conference.

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