Miss Universe preps on course

Maria Chiguvari

PREPARATIONS for the 2023 Miss Universe Zimbabwe are well on course and the top 12 finalists have been selected.

Running under the theme “Beautifully Confident,” the pageant is scheduled for September 16 at Harare Hippodrome.

It coincides with the Miss Universe pageant set for El Salvador, this December.

MUZ chief marketing and information officer, Tamia Chawaguta, said they wer happy with the pace of the preparations.

“We are glad that we have finished the auditions in all provinces and we are happy with the outcome so far,” she said.

“We had a huge turnout but chose to work with 30 girls.

“The 30 will be revealed next week where they will be voted for the top 12.

“The winners from the top 12 will then have an opportunity to walk on the ramp during the finale.

“For the first time, we have welcomed women under the age of 28, in all the country’s 10 provinces.”

She added:

“As an organisation, we have realised that Zimbabwe was not being given a fair chance to participate on the Miss Universe global platform, which claims to be an inclusive stage for the modelling and beauty industry.

“Miss Universe has re-branded.

“Traditionally, if you had to walk on the Miss Universe stage, you had to have a particular height and weight. You were not allowed to have a child or to have been married.

“But,  with the recent developments, you are allowed to join Miss Universe no matter how short or tall you are.

“A lot of developments are unfolding and each day we will be releasing the information on our social media page as updates.”

Entertainment will be provided by Nutty O, rhumba outfit Diamond Musica, Enzo Ishall, Ammara Brown and jazz diva Prudence Katomeni Mbofana.

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