Miss UZ: Beauty with brains?

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Miss UZ: Beauty with brains?


30 April 2018

Theatre arts student Zandile Sithole was crowned Miss University of Zimbabwe (UZ) 2018.

The lady outdid 13 other beauties who were vying for the title and also took the Miss People’s Choice crown home.

Judges had a hard time making the decision as their top 7 chosen girls failed miserably during the question and answer (Q&A) segment which prompted the judges to prepare a second set of questions.

Still most failed to deliver and points from that segment are said to have been scrapped off altogether!

Former Miss Universe Zimbabwe, Lisa Morgan, and Jackie Ngarande ended up telling the girls mid Q&A that they didn’t care how beautiful they were if they couldn’t answer properly.

Morgan likened the bevy’s answers to those of primary school children before a new set of questions was presented.

Mary Yuki Mundeya who trained the girls for a little over a month said she was disappointed as they had practised and alerted the girls of the kind of questions they would be asked on the day.


Award winning fashion designer and model, Ngoni Motsi, told H-Metro that the girls seemed ready but was disappointed in the Q&A segment.

“The performances were good but on that segment there was stuttering and nonsensical utterances.

“It made it hard for us to make a final decision, we spent about an hour trying to figure out how we could make it work.

“We removed the Q&A segment totally and judged using their performances, walks and everything else,” he said.

Miss UZ organisers had promised to start the event on time but there were major delays which prompted the competition to start two hours later than had been planned and ending way past midnight.

“The event was well organised but timekeeping was a problem as is the norm with black people,” Motsi said.

Tanyaradzwa Kondo and Nyasha Katazo were crowned as the princesses while Charmaine Makondo got the Miss Talent title.

The queen said she was in awe.

“I really don’t think that I did anything better that than the other contestants as we all showed tremendous talent and intelligence.

“I won because of the grace of God, hard work and support from my fellow contestants,” she told H-Metro.

Ammara Brown, Few Kings, Sanii Makhalima and Kikky Bad*ss performed their hit songs and left the students in a frenzy.

Kikky Bad*ss was doubling as the show’s host alongside DJ Tawaz.

The pair kept the crowd entertained with their playful banter and contradicting fashion senses

The female Hip-hop rapper changed into four stunning gowns during the course of the show.

Tawaz however seemed to be in his own world as he first showed up on stage in a white church gown, gemenzi, a fanny pack and later “accessorised” with a 2KG packet of sugar!

The funny character walked around on stage carrying sugar then later left it for a head of lettuce.

Students were chanting Silent Killer’s name as he readied to perform, the chanter got on stage but technical glitches made him perform without sound.

The artist started shouting vulgarities at the engineer but the anticipating crowd kept pushing for him to perform, he finally did and all the songs proved to be sing-alongs despite the obscene lyrical content.

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