MKB pens song of hope

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MKB pens song of hope MKB


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SOUTH AFRICA- based artiste,MKB- real name Mike Babvu-has penned a song of hope titled Cure Africa, which gives hope to Africans during such trying times.

The conscious song was produced by T Smart Kafundada and Wizke with the help of Taf Lion International.


Speaking to H-Metro, the 31-year-old MKB said:


The song was inspired by the current and past disastrous events and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that led to many people losing their lives and jobs in Africa and the rest of world.


“I decided to merely focus on Africa because as a continent our people tend to suffer more.


“It’s always different case with the people of Africa with the rest of the world henxe the title “Cure Africa.


The song is a reminder that we need God in every moment of ours lives even when he is silent we must acknowledge him.””

He added:


“I will be dropping my new album month.


It will carry the remix to Cure Africa featuring South African poet, Mbawula.


It also features collabos with renowned local musicians like Allan Chimbetu and rapper Ti Gonzi.”

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