Mkwamba engages Steve Makoni’s sister

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Mkwamba engages Steve Makoni’s sister Patrick Mkwamba and Lady Sai Sai on stage


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

MUSICIAN Patrick Mkwamba might have lost his yesteryear appeal but is still in the game.

The Rusape-based crooner’s musical romance with Steve “Dhongi” Makoni’s sister Anesu “Lady Sai Sai” Makoni seems to be growing with each day after the pair recorded two singles together on Covid-19 lockdown.

The two singles – Zuva Rekufa Kwangu and Ndoda Kuyambutswa – were recorded by fellow crooner Tichaona Chacha at Impact Studios in Manyame.

In an interview, Mkwamba who travelled to Harare yesterday to register the singles with the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA), said he was back in the game.

“I have been working with Stephen Makoni’s sister called Lady Sai Sai and we have recorded these singles together.

“I have been working with her for some time hoping to help her to become famous.

“As a resident of Rusape where Steve Makoni also comes from, I have decided to assist her since Steve is struggling.

“Steve has since relocated to the rural areas after his contract at a club he used to perform expired and it up to me to help a brother  and his sister as is the  case right now,” he said.

Mkwamba, who was recently bailed by rapper King 98 after learning of his dire situation on lockdown, said it was high time artistes unite.

“We need to unite and continue working hard in such trying times we are in as a nation.

“In my case, I am working closely with Lady Sai Sai and who knows what this combination will yield in future,” he said.

Asked how he was managing to sustain himself amid reports he had fallen on hard times, Mkwamba said:

“I have been selling music CDs in Rusape and I also own a house in Chitungwiza where I collect rentals.

“I’m renting out the whole house to one tenant who gives me some money on monthly basis.

“In Rusape, I am a caretaker at a house of a person who stays in the UK.

“All my children are in South Africa and my wife Winnie Geni died in 2004 and ever since, I have been staying alone,” he said.

Asked how life is staying alone without his family, Mkwamba added:

“I’m really enjoying it because the little money I get can sustain me.

“I don’t have expense or dependents who come to me looking for help.

“I’m really enjoying this life because I am more of bachelor where no one is concerned about my whereabouts.

“If I want a woman, I know where to get them and I don’t have stress at all when I need one.”

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