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MOANA PARENTS FIGHT OVER BODY Moana's parents could not reach a consensus at Parirenyatwa


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

FAMILIES of the late Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli on Wednesday caused a scene at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where a burial order was eventually not processed.

The process is now expected this morning ahead of burial in the afternoon. As such, Moana’s body will no longer lie in state at her mother’s home as previously planned.

The late Moana

Police had to intervene as families quarrelled and drawing attention at the complex where burial orders are processed.

The feuding parties were led to a police post where Doves Funeral Services officials agreed with both families to undergo a counselling session at their premises in the CBD.

Moana’s father Amuli

One of the family members in Moana’s father’s camp accused the mother’s camp of processing the burial order behind their back.

“They wanted to bury our child behind our back and their intention was exposed by what they posted on social media. That is how we came to know about the burial arrangements,” said the family member.


“Tazvidira jecha saka iyezvino tavekuenda ku Doves kunotaurirana ikoko.


“We stopped such an arrangement and if they do not cooperate with us we are going to collect the body of our daughter and bury without them,” she said.


The families spent the better part of yesterday at Doves Funeral parlour in a closed-door meeting while mourners were gathered outside.


The decorated chapel where a burial service was to be held remained open with fresh flowers and the image of Moana who died on the spot in a road traffic accident along with three others that included Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure.


Mother of Moana’s camp had arranged for a burial service at Doves chapel at 12pm yesterday .


It has also been gathered that they expected to take the body to Highfield where it was set to lie in state before burial slated for today at Zororo Cemetery.


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