Moana’s humble funeral: Is social media love fake?

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Moana’s humble funeral: Is social media love fake? Moana's humble funeral wake


Charles Mushinga, Deputy Editor

If there are people who unconditionally love the late Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli, it is her mother and sisters.

The rest were social media followers.

Moana’s real friends

Yes a few artistes like Jah Prayzah, Enzo Ishall, Seh Calaz and a couple of others have proved to be real friends after Moana’s death but her funeral shows just how unreal and misleading social media followers can be.


Moana boasts of over 103 000 Instagram followers under her handle moana_ty22. She has more on her other social media handles but there were barely 50 people at her funeral in highfield.


And after a small scuffle, half of those people left, led by Moana’s own father, Ishmael Amuli. He, and his side of the family, wants nothing to do with Moana’s burial over whatever disagreements he had with her mother Yolanda Kuvawonga.


One wonders if he would have given up so easily on her had she been alive and the disagreements were over her lobola?


The old adage goes, ‘when times are hard, friends are few’. The flip to that would be, when times are hard, real friends show up.


Can Moana’s real friends please show up? May they prove what a huge influence, beauty and entertainer she was by giving her a befitting sendoff?


Her mother couldn’t care less. All she wants is for her daughter to be buried peacefully.


“I have seen some of them (celebrities), Seh Calaz was the first to arrive but I was not around. I have seen Enzo Ishall as well as Jah Prayzah. Jah Prayzah came last night (Monday) and is very supportive. It’s possible that more came but I failed to see them.


But I appreciate those who came to mourn their friend and some will also come. But the reality is I am not here to see who is coming and who is not. Her true friends will come and they are doing it for her, not me,” she said, moments before she passed out to end a not-so-long interview with H-Metro.


She is in pain, and will be there until her daughter is laid to rest. To her there is no room for walking out on Moana, not even after her death.


Moana’s sister, Tatenda, popularly known as “Kedha” in Engineering, Highfield, could neither contain nor express her agony.


When she received news that burial may be extended by a further two weeks for DNA tests to properly identify her body, she wailed.


“Why are you doing this to me nhai mukoma? When will you stop kundirwadzisa?” she asked before fainting moments later.


The pain is unbearable for her.


So unbearable that she tried to lock herself in a room (to do God knows what) and it took more than seven people to overpower her and calm her down.


Tatenda cannot be left alone and had to be escorted everywhere she went. If some of Moana’s friends were there, they would not be able to bring the ‘Beautiful Beast’ back, but they would certainly have helped her cope with the pain better.


However, the Instagram and other social media followers follow from a distance and wait for H-Metro videos on YouTube.


Moana’s funeral is far from the glitzy lifestyle she died within. Her fancy friends have not shown up. Clearly, none of those likes, tweets or follows represents genuine love.

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