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In a suspected rape case, a Warren Park 1 man was bashed by an angry mob after he was allegedly caught attempting to rape an eight-year-old girl and the mother on Wednesday.

The suspect, Andrew Moyo, 32, notoriously known as Bruvhosi got a thorough bashing from furious residents after allegedly trying to rape mother and child.

Andrew Moyo

In a statement, Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident saying the suspect is set to appear at the courts to face attempted rape charges.


“The eight year old girl was sent to buy airtime and the suspect started to follow her up to her home where he started to attack the mother.

Andrew Moyo

“He tried to overpower the mother then went for the little girl attempting to rape her that’s when he was mobbed and met instant justice,” he explained.


Warren Park 1 police officers had to rush to the scene to intervene as the suspect was grievously assaulted by the angry crowd, baying for blood.

The mob

“We saw him loitering up and down the road and we got worried.


“Later on, I heard the child screaming and rushed to see what could be happening only to find this rapist over the little girl with no trousers,” said the uncle who preferred anonymity.


Speaking to H-Metro, Collins Mwase one of the locals said the suspect is a stranger to the neighbourhood and he was acting weird.


“He stays from a neighboured far away from here and we are surprised to see him around here.


“People are saying he sometimes loses his marbles but that’s not the case.


“We want to see him behind bars because he might get away with fake insanity issues,” he said.


The rape suspect’s father identified as Mr Moyo told H-Metro that his son has of late been taking illicit drugs (Musombodhiya) which has led him into the fix.


“A few days ago, I received a phone call over my son, people at home telling me that he was just banging doors and so on.


“He would just start to dance and act funny and I suspect it is those drugs he is taking.


“I rushed here at the police station thinking it is one of his usual stunts and got the shock of my life that he is being accused of raping a minor.


“I did not raise him this way,” explained the father.

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