Model bemoans lack of sponsorship

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Model bemoans lack of sponsorship Oniesha Machuma



Lucia Mazhou, Entertainment Reporter

Twenty-year-old model Oniesha Machuma says lack of sponsorship is hindering models from reaching greater heights.

She says people are no longer taking modelling seriously.

“No one really takes models seriously nowadays. We are being labelled all sorts of names like ‘prostitutes’, ‘desperate hoes’ and all that.

“This is demotivating people and forcing them to drift from their dreams and aspirations. And also because of the nature of pageantry most parents are not supportive of their children.

“The industry as a whole is not getting support from well-wishers. I mean a few years back there used to be sponsors around the country but nowadays it is like there’s no one at all willing to help out.

“Another challenge most people face is lack of funds. Pageantry is an expensive world which requires a lot of stuff, that is outfits, hair makeup and other things.

“Normally contestants should not worry about boot camp fees because they are supposed to attend for free but the situation in Zimbabwe is forcing organizers to make contestants pay large sums of money for boot camp fees.

“Hence as a result most people end up pulling out of the competition,” she said.

Oniesha desires to give back to the community by imparting knowledge in other people who desire to be models.

“People are accustomed to giving material things only but I believe there is more therefore as a youth I intend to instil knowledge into other young people.

“I’m also very much eager to teach others about modelling if they wish to learn.

“That way I can be able to say that I have done an honorable thing,” she said.

The model began her journey in 2019 under the mentorship of Previous Chidhindi.

She has taken part in the Miss Zimbabwe Grand Petite pageant earlier this year and aims to achieve more in the long run.

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