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Faith Mandizha

RUNWAY model, Sakhile Dube, is in the Philippines where she is set to represent Zimbabwe at Miss Earth.

The pageant will be held in Tuburan Cebu where 20 other contestants are vying for honours.

She took part in a number of competitions during camp, where she also won some prizes.

“I’m grateful for this experience at Miss Earth.

“I introduced myself, my country and my fauna to the world because Zimbabwe deserves a chance to be seen and heard.

“It was a big night for Zimbabwe as I scooped seven prizes since the preliminaries started and I am still pushing to break barriers.

“Zimbabwe was called four times during the awarding ceremony and each moment had its own emotions,” she said.

Sakhile said she was an advocate for the co-existence between human and wildlife to protect the ecosystem, food security, agriculture and ecotourism .

“Social media is the biggest marketing tool that we have in the world right now for educating people via different social platforms.

“And, it includes hiring travel influencers to expose people to the damages climate change is causing to the environment.

“I am proud to be a black Zimbabwean woman because Zimbabwe is home to some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders and wildlife.

“It is famous for its diverse landscapes and for being an epic safari destination.”

Having won several crowns, including the Miss Tourism World Zimbabwe in 2020-21, the model is honoured to be representing the country for Miss Earth.

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