Model Makaya relishes new role

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Model Makaya relishes new role Hillary Makaya (c) joined by FOK founder Alois Chimbangu (r) and her manager during signing of the one year contract


Mathew Masinge, Entertainment Reporter
Popular model Hillary Makaya says her recent engagement as Face of Kariba brand ambassador speaks volumes about her growth as a model.
She says the year-long partnership presents a chance for her to turn around the local tourism approach especially towards a town haunted by non-activity.

Hillary Makaya

Under the new role, the freelance model’s ultimate task is to promote the resort town, create synergies between the locals and outside world.

“It’s an honour for me to be appointed as Face of Kariba brand ambassador, a role that comes with many responsibilities.
“I hope that the little influence and experience that I gathered after travelling the world will increase traffic and investment to the lovely town of Kariba and its environs,” said Makaya.

Hillary Makaya

She said she is also eager for her new task.

“We all know we are still fighting the pandemic but however in order for me to achieve better results I would require team effort including partnerships from players in the tourism sector.

Hillary Makaya

“I wish during my time to ensure that there are partnerships with the arts sector, business and every good meaning Zimbabwean,” she said.

Face of Kariba founder Alois Chimbangu said they settled for Makaya because she meets their mandate.

“We chose Hillary Makaya because she is young, energetic and loves adventure.

“This is almost what our organisation is thriving to achieve hence she has assured us that she will not rest until Kariba is showcased as a destination to all corners of the world,” said Chimbangu.

He said the partnership will bear creative solutions for the resort town.

“Our partnership with Hillary Makaya exists on ensuring that Kariba stays connected even under the Covid-19 cloud.
“We have lined up a number of tours, shows and events including charities to be led by our brand ambassador.
“The events also include a 2021 big shutdown event on Lake Kariba,” he said.

Face of Kariba was formed in 2014 with an idea to encompass the arts, wildlife, infrastructure and natural resources found in Kariba in efforts to awaken the destination.

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