‘Modelling is not prostitution’

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‘Modelling is not prostitution’



8 March 2018

Tapiwanashe Allin

THE model who appeared in bikini wear on pictures meant to be on the album cover of Josh Meck’s forth-coming album has described her relationship with the musician as professional.

The 21-year-old beauty had to set the record straight after the pictures caused a rift between the singer and his wife Spiwe Ndlovu.

In an interview, Tapiwanashe Allin said people felt there was an affair between her and Josh after they misinterpreted the message conveyed by the pictures.

“Josh Meck contacted me and asked me to have a photo shoot, he said he wanted pictures for the cover of his upcoming album.

“When he told me the concept, I agreed to it and I charged him for the photo shoot and we had it done.

“It is unfortunate that there are people who associate modelling with prostitution, this is the reason why there was a lot of talk on the pictures, and people did not understand the message behind the art.

“These are some of the challenges that most models face, as people associate modelling with prostitution which is wrong.

“People have to understand that even if I appear wearing a bikini that doesn’t make me a prostitute, I am simply doing my work,” she said.

Josh Meck and the model

Speaking on her relationship with Josh, Tapiwanashe said it was professional and they have never been friends.

“I first spoke to Josh the day that he contacted me asking for a photo shoot, we had never met or spoken to me before.

“After that shoot, I only communicated to him twice and I can safely say that our relationship was professional.

“I cannot even classify him as one of my friends because we never had the chance to talk about anything other than the shoot.

Josh Meck and the model

“I have worked with a lot of clients before, and my record has always been clean I have never mixed business with pleasure,” she said.

Tapiwanashe said she does not blame Spiwe for the assumptions, putting the blame on Josh for not informing his wife.

“I don’t want to play a blame game over what has happened but to tell the truth, I feel Josh was supposed to have handled the matter better.

“I don’t blame his wife for reacting the way she did because he was supposed to seek for her approval for the shoot or to at least explain to her about it instead of seeing it on social media,” she said.

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