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17 August 2018

Any model aspiring to contest in this year’s edition of the Miss World Zimbabwe who has shot a sex tape before will be booted out of the competition, the pageant Trust has said.

The measure was put in place to avoid incidences where models who would have won the pageant ended up stepping down after their sex tapes had gone viral in the public domain.

Pageant spokesperson Tendai Chirau said these measures have been put in place to protect the image of the pageant.

“When it comes to sex tapes and nude pictures we are serious about it this time; we will make sure that is there is no model who would have had a sex tape in the contest.

“This pageant carries the name of the nation and it is the biggest pageant in the country so we will make sure we protect the good image that it deserves,” he said

Chirau said all the models participating in this year’s edition have gone through interviews where they opened up on their past experiences.

“As the Miss World Zimbabwe Trust we are determined to make sure that what happened in the past years does not happen again.

“We have measures in place and one of them is that when the models come we interview them asking them whether they have shot sex tapes or not.

“If we are convinced that they haven’t we make them sign acknowledging their claims.

“Apart from that, we also carry our own independent investigations on every contestant.

“We also sought assistance from the media to assist us with investigations,” he said.

Chirau has however warned individuals who do revenge porn on models.

“We know that there are some out there who do what is called revenge porn and we want to warn those people from such criminal actions.

“If someone comes to us with pictures we still investigate but those with such material will have to explain how they got it because it is also illegal to film someone; let’s give these ladies a chance,” he said.

Meanwhile the 28 contestants are set to start boot camp today in Harare preparing to the pageant which is set to be held on 8 September in Domboshava.

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