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IT appears Mokoomba are doing well on their tour of the United States.

The vibe from those who are witnessing their performances suggests that the band from Victoria Falls is hitting all the right notes.

“Mokoomba, an explosively talented six-man crew from Zimbabwe, has been hailed as one of the most exciting bands from Africa in the 21st century,” said the Randoph Vibe blog.

“Mokoomba combines traditional and modern instruments and a variety of international pop and pan-African styles, including soukous, funk, and reggae.” A post from Charlene Lake captured the big impression the band is making.

“9:30 pm, back to the Crystal Ballroom for more food and a performance from Zimbabwe’s Mokoomba, always wonderful.”

It has been a fascinating journey for Mokoomba who appear to have more fans outside Zimbabwe than those at home. 

They have been under pressure to match the standards, and expectations, of their growing number of fans around the world.

When they released Luyando in 2017, The Guardian newspaper of the UK, said:

“The best young band in Zimbabwe return to basics in powerful style … They sound even better on this often sparse, DIY set in which they concentrate on gently energetic songs about traditional life, history and culture in the Victoria Falls region where they grew up.” 

The Financial Times weighed in by saying:

 “The melodies are the perfect Zimbabwean combination of sweet and sad.” 

The London Evening Standard said: 

“There’s an irrepressible energy, spectacular guitar work and a lot of soul.” 

The Morning Star added:

“Mokoomba affirm their culture and do it with modernity, sensitivity and aplomb … You’ll gasp with incredulity at the vocal scale and range of expression of the husky voiced Mathias Muzaza or Trustworth Samende’s delightful guitar riffs much as the measured, intelligent instrumental and backing-vocals support from the others.”

And, Banning Eyre of Afropop Worldwide said:

“Mokoomba is probably the most impressive new African band I’ve heard in recent years. As fine as they are on record, they are even better live. 

“The performances convey a sense of joyous gravitas found only in the greatest and most enduring African music.”

Seven years later, Mokoomba are still going strong and will play at New York’s Apollo Theatre this week.

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