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AFTER a successful tour of the US, super-group Mokoomba has now set its focus on making a huge impact on the home front.

The group is itching for recognition on its home turf.

After doing well in Europe, Asia and America, the group is yet to win the hearts of many locals.

Tonight, the group will perform at Alliance Francaise in Harare.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mokoomba spokesperson, Marcus Gora, described their tour of the US as a success.

“The US tour went according to plan and we are grateful to our overseas fans.

“We held a series of shows including one big performance at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

“After our tour, we are going to host one big show at Alliance Francaise in Harare on Friday (tonight) where we are booked.”

Gora added:

“We are also grateful to our local fans who have been supportive of us. As a group, we are still on our audience-building mission that we hope will go according to plan.

“We are promising new stuff as usual and a polished performance.” 

Mokoomba held a series of shows in Williamstown, Massachusetts, New York, Miami, Vermont,  Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

Their breakthrough came after they won the Music Crossroads Inter-regional finals in Malawi in 2009.

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