Arron Nyamayaro

A MAN has spent more than 10 years locked in a house by his mother in Zengeza 5 and this has left neighbours wondering what is happening at the house.

H-Metro was tipped by the residents that they have not seen Tinashe Tanyanyiwa outside his family house for more than 10 years.

He stays with his mother, Irene Tanyanyiwa.

There are concerns from the neighbours that Tinashe has been suffering a lot of abuse inside his family house.

He is the only son.

Yesterday, H-Metro tried to investigate what was really happening at the house but the newspaper was frustrated by tenants at the house.

“We do not know if there is a sangoma in Zengeza fooling people into abusing their children that way.

Kushungurudza mwana zvekuti haabvumidzwe kudziya zuva panze.

“Tinashe takapedzisira kumuona 10 years ago asi mai vachidaidzwa zita remwana asingabude panze.

“We are appealing for help to expose the person behind all this.

“Mai Tinashe vanomukira kudiridzira maruva akazara pamba pavo nekutsvagira vanhu dzimba chete mwana akavharirwa mumba,” said one of the residents.

Regina Zanga

Irene was not at home when H-Metro visited her house.

Her younger sister Regina Zanga, 51, was at home with Tinashe.

“Tinashe is here but his mother is in town if you may call her later.

“Tinashe is in his room and is not allowed to be seen or leave that bedroom.

“Come tomorrow when his mother will be around,” said Regina.

Irene refused to entertain H-Metro yesterday.

She locked the doors from inside after ordering Regina to leave the house.

“I was ordered to leave the house for entertaining you when you came yesterday.

Ndanzi vaudze kuti handipo ndaenda kunoona hama irikurwarisisa,” said Regina.

The residents are trying to find the best way they can rescue Tinashe.

The case has since been taken to the police.

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