Money changers not moved

19 Mar, 2020 - 14:03 0 Views
Money changers not moved


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Moneychangers in the Central Business District have remained defiant despite calls for necessary precautions on the COVID-19 that has hit neighbours Zambia and South Africa.

There are fears that changing money through many hands might result in them contracting the virus in the event that it is detected in the country but the money changers seem unconcerned.

Though it is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, money changers who spoke to H-Metro dismissed the claims saying the suggestion does not hold water.

“Even ikabatwa nevanhu vakawanda mari yacho, it means vanhu vakawanda vachabatwa nayo corona yacho.

“It is difficult to take precautions as money changers; imagine washing my hands every time I serve a customer,” said Tawanda Gara at Eastage Mall.

A forex dealer who identified himself as Edwin at Copacabana area said:

“I don’t think mu Zimbabwe chinga svike chirwere ichi saka hapana need yekuita panic.

“Mari ndiyo inofambisa nyika saka hatimire kuita madhiri.

“Chauya chauya hapana yekutamba otherwise we continue with our trade.”

Another dealer trading at Eastgate Mall said:

“We heard what President Mnangagwa said but in our business we are not much at risk.

“It would be good if authorities come and train us on how to be hygienic.

“It has not reached Zimbabwe yet so I think focus should be elsewhere than us money changers.”

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