Money splasher’s birthday bash

28 Aug, 2018 - 14:08 0 Views
Money splasher’s birthday bash


28 August 2018

LOCAL entrepreneur, Innocent “Mhofela” Shito, known for splashing money to musicians, recently held a lavish birthday party at Food Nest where Suluman Chimbetu performed.

Mhofela has become popular for also buying everyone in attendance a six pack of their choice whenever he frequents places such as Bar Rouge, East Point, Time and Jazz, Food Nest and La Rouge. He has also done the same at Private Lounge.

Sulu sang about him saying ‘Mhofela huya’ in his song Moto, off his Gunship album and many other musicians owe their success to him.

When Peter Moyo released his latest album, Mhofela bought it for US$1000.

Mhofela was accompanied by his wife for the birthday celebrations.

All eyes were on him as he occupied a seat at the high table, heavily guarded.

Music promoter and businessman Josh Hozheri was among the guests who occupied the high table.

Mhofu Mhofela, who was all over his wife, refused to blow his own horn when asked to speak about his generosity.

“I am busy being happy today, no time for comments, get testimonies from all these friends of mine.

“Why should I talk about myself as if I do not live muvanhu, ask them, I have brought them here for you to ask them about Mhofela, hatishayinire vanhu but tinoitira vanhu zvinhu zvavanofarira, however this is my wife, bye,” said Mhofela.

Hozheri, who was among the invited guests, had to say,

“It is a tradition that when you come near Mhofela, just bring your mouth because he adequately provides anything you want to party with from food to anything.

“He has helped many artistes, if not all from his own pocket for years.

“He is the only person that if he helps you, he hates it to be known by the next person.

“He enjoys and unites all bands from day old to seasoned artists.

“I have never witnessed Mhofela quarrelling with anyone, except asking all in the club to eat and drink what they want and he pays, even if he gets drunk and goes home before paying, he calls you first thing in the morning,” he said.

“Mhofela is a rare excellent show business patron,” added Hozheri.

Mhofela’s birthday coincided with Sulu’s home-coming show at the same venue after a successful tour of the UK.

“Today is a double celebrations for us as Orchestra Dendera Kings, Baba Shito and all those whose totem is mhofu yemukono,” said Sulu.

He took the opportunity to thank Mhofela for all the support he has been giving them.

“We thank Mhofela for all the support he and his family gave me and our Orchestra Dendera Kings band.

“There are many who did so but today let us celebrate what he did for us.

“I do not say happy birthday to Mhofela but say thank you to your parents, particularly our mother who carried you in her womb for nine months.

“This is the time that we must congratulate a mother who gave birth to a child who is celebrating his birthday today,” he added.

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