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CLIVE “Mono” Mukundu reckons local artists are losing the plot by not sticking to one genre.

The Monolio Studios boss believes many Zimbabwean artists have suffered stunted growth due to lack of identity.

The seasoned multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer, shared his thoughts ahead of his 53rd birthday celebrations.

Mono was born on September 15, 1970.

After successful stints with the late Chiwoniso Maraire and Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, Mono is now an authority.

In an interview with H-Metro ahead of his celebrations set for Alliance Francaise in Harare, Mono was blunt.

“As I celebrate my 53rd birthday on the 15th of September, I will continue to give local artists real advice.

“I urge local artists to specialise in one genre and be original if they want to make it to the top.

“You can’t be an artist who sings every genre from reggae, jazz, gospel etcetera.

“In the world, you can only hear that there is one king of reggae or rock.

“You can only hear one Queen of Soul or RnB. There is no king or queen of everything in the world.”

He added:

“We need to be authentic and promote music, which purely defines us as Zimbabweans or Africans.

“You can’t win the hearts of Europeans by singing rock and roll because it’s purely their music.

“The same applies to a Zimbabwean who wants to promote dancehall in Jamaica yet we know it’s purely their music.”

Mono feels nothing beats the truth.

“I’m one person who doesn’t flatter or lie to people who ask me for advice because I want to see them grow.

“Some of the people used to hate me for being blunt and honest but now they are my friends.

“I also do the same in the studio because I don’t want to produce half-baked stuff out of fear or failure to stamp my authority,” he said.

As part of his birthday celebration, Mono will unveil a new album titled Monosophy on Friday.

“The album was planned to be released in 2020, the year I turned 50.

“Since 50 is a very mature age, I made the decision to give some wisdom about life concerns through two projects: a book for the boy child called ‘Man Vacuum’ and this CD called Monosophy, which addresses various life issues.”

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