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…Mbuya Chiweshe breathes fire

…mbira queen divides opinions

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Mono Mukundu and Mbuya Stella Chiweshe’s tiff is far from over.
This comes after the talented music producer leapt to the defence of his son Takakunda who riled Mbuya Stella Chiweshe’s camp after he added a jazz soundtrack to her recent acapella performance video at the Mbuya Nehanda statue unveiling.

Mono Mukundu

The initiative did no go down well with the mbira queen who called the young man “wicked” for not consulting her before posting the edited version.

She demanded an apology which has since divided opinions with some calling Mbuya Chiweshe’s response “hard-hitting” while female artistes felt bullied.


Below reads Mbuya Chiweshe’s post:

“To all the people who were at the unveiling of Ambuya Nehanda medium’s statue, I would like to ask you if you saw me with anybody on stage. Now I have seen a video of a guitarist sitting behind me playing a guitar that is spoiling my voice and the song that I d sung.


Please, I would like to let you know that I am very disappointed. Who edited that and added a guitarist. If you listen to the guitar it’s just spoiling my voice, it’s not playing along with it.


I was alone on stage, now I see a wicked guitarist behind me, who is he? Can someone please explain to me, why it was edited afterwards without my knowledge. Who did that? I want an answer please, because even Lucifer does not have such cruelty.”

Following Mbuya Chiweshe’s statement, Mono also posted his.

He went on to defend Takakunda adding the cyber bullying of his son had gone too far.

“The trend these days amongst young musicians is to do cover versions of musicians of the past generation they admire as a way of paying homage.

“Under moral rights it is proper to ask for permission, however most artists do not mind since they know it’s out of admiration.

“My son did a cover of Thomas Mapfumo’s song on his virtual album launch, The great Thomas Mapfumo called him from USA ,thanked him and pledged to support him.


But in this case, he added a soundtrack to Mbuya Stella Chiweshe’s acapella performance at the Mbuya Nehanda statue unveiling.

“Mbuya Stella did not like it, which is not a problem, people differ, she wrote a statement on her page calling my son wicked,” he said.

Mono said he was livid after Mbuya Chiweshe failed to pull-out her post despite being enlightened by fellows artistes.
“A few musicians explained to her that its Mono’s son and he did not do it out of malice, I thought she would understand and pull her post down, instead she blocked the artists and left it there.

“Meanwhile her fans were attacking my son,with some coming to his inbox bullying him.
“So as a father I decided to respond, I did not insult her, I simply stated that I was not happy with the cyber bullying and name calling.
“Now some female musicians now accuse me of cyber bullying her, what about the bullying my son is being subjected to?” asked Mono.
He said it was high time bullying be addressed without considering gender.

“My point now is that the feminist movement is teaching women that bullying is only bad when it’s done to a woman, if it’s a man it’s not worth fighting for.

“That’s why domestic violence against men is ignored, which is the reason why suicide cases keep rising amongst men.
“As Zimbabweans we have a ‘kunyarara kunokunda zvose’ mentality, which is very wrong.

“If someone does something bad, he/she must be rebuked, regardless of gender, position, or age.

“Many children are abused and refused audience simply because they are children, we need to teach our kids to stand for themselves with respect,” he added.

Despite his efforts to clear the air, the majority female artistes have been fighting in Mbuya Chiweshe’s corner while others felt her response was too harsh.

Neutrals felt there was nothing wrong with the young man’s initiative but a simple apology might have ended the tiff which has since divided opinions.

For the greater part of the lockdown, Mono and his son have been entertaining fans through their lockdown jam sessions and this time around Takakunda as only appreciating Mbuya Chiweshe.

However, the response he got was harsh and it has also come as a lesson to young musicians and fellow artistes that not all yesteryear artistes buy into their initiatives.

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