Mono Mukundu causes stir

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Mono Mukundu causes stir Mono Mukundu (second from right) with some of his former classmates


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Former Black Spirits band member and producer Clive “Mono” Mukundu caused a stir at Kambuzuma 3 shops when he reunited with his class of 1984.

The 50-year-old who also doubles as an author were spotted merry-making along with his peers as they shared their past experience.

He said they reconnected through a WhatApp group where they have been sharing their past experience.


“We were in the same class in 1984 doing our grade seven here in Kambuzuma.

“Some of the guys you see her were naughty  and reserved.


“There were noise-makers, those who feared to date girls and of course the ones who were  good in sport.


“In my case, I have always been musical and class monitor even though I was a noise-maker,” he said.


Mono said there was need to for former classmates to meet regularly and network.


“We are living under trying times and checking on each other is a must as we speak.


“Checking on each other helps us to create a stronger bond where we can assist each other if they are encountering problems.


“Networking is the best remedy we also need especially during such trying times when many are struggling to make ends meet owing to the economic situation,” he added.


After taking photos with fans, Mono proceeded to the late Winky ‘s drummer Scara  and consoled the family.


Mono was among the musicians who attended the funeral wake on Sunday along with a host of club deejays and residents who knew the late Scara.


Meanwhile, Baba Harare and Peter Moyo passed through the same shopping centre we mobbed by fans.


The two had ‘selfie’ moments with fans who embraced them.


Ladies squealed at the duo while male fans mobbed the tinted BMW car they were travelling in.

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