More than two weeks without water

Talent Gore 

HARARE residents have been facing water shortages and disparities in water distribution, with some suburbs going for almost a month without running water.

Residents in certain suburbs are now being forced to fetch water from their neighbours who have boreholes, or buy water from suppliers.

Despite the lack of access to water, residents are still being billed for water they are not receiving.

The situation has been worsening, with residents fearing a potential health hazard.

The rehabilitation works for water provision have been failing, leaving residents to rely on alternative sources.

 A survey conducted by H-Metro found that residents of Haig Park, Sentosa and Mabelreign do not have running water. 

A Haig Park resident, Prince Sibanda, said:

“It has been almost a month now since we last received tap water in our area. Several efforts to engage the city council have been in vain,” he said. 

“What pains us the most is that we are being billed every month for water which we do not have. I have been buying water, and to be honest, it’s really not fair, especially given that at the end of the month I will still be billed.”

A Mabelreign resident, Nobuhle Masangudza, said the water crisis had worsened.

“We wake up early to join queues at boreholes to get water for use.”

Faith Karinda, from Sentosa, also complained:

“We do not have tap water and it is now more than three weeks. Usually we receive water from Thursday night to Friday morning, but now it has been three weeks with no sign of tap water.”

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