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  • Child born without private parts
  • Father disappeared after birth

Paidamoyo Bore

A CHITUNGWIZA mother is pleading for help to enable her to foot the cost of surgery, in India, for her seven-year-old child who was born with a rare condition.

The child, Takunda Zhandah, was born without genitals, the bladder is outside the body while the anal area is sealed.

The rare condition led to the disappearance of the father, Jacob Mamhovha, soon after the child’s birth.

The father’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The family is now appealing for more than US$16 000 to send the kid to India for surgery.

An organisation, which has been helping the family for the past seven years, said the amount, which was now required for the child’s specialist care, was now beyond their means.

Zwenyika Kamwana, secretary of Team Royalty, a non-profitable organisation, said they had secured travelling documents and they were now looking for a visa.

“For the visa to be processed, there is need for evidence to show that medical costs have been catered for,” said Kamwana.

“The quotation shows that an amount of about US$16 000, flights excluded, is required and that is why we are appealing to the nation for help.”

Over the years, Takunda has been getting treatment at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, in a bid to rectify the anal area, but to only realise that his colon was too short for the surgery.

However, the mother was advised to seek treatment out of the country since corrective surgery could not be conducted locally.

Takunda has resorted to using diapers, and colostomy bags, to collect the waste.

“Takunda uses a minimum of three colostomy bags per day which cost US$4 each, a minimum of US$372 every month,” said his mother, Ellis Zhandah.

The mother, who is unemployed, said her son needs special monitoring.

“Takunda is not going to school, owing to the condition, which requires maximum attention.

“The other challenge is that Takunda cannot walk for a long distance as there is requirement for monitoring 24/7,” she added.

Takunda’s father, who disappeared after the child was born, is yet to be located.

The child had to use the mother’s surname after they failed to locate the dad during the processing of obtaining a birth certificate.

The family provided contact details, which well-wishers can use, to help the child.

Below are the full details of where to deposit the money:

Account name – Ellis Zhandah

RTGS Account Number 4644-054137-200 ( ZB Branch Chitungwiza)

Nostro account (USD) 4644-054137-405 ZB Chitungwiza

0783218797 EcoCash Ellis Zhandah

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