Gamuchirai Bhachi

A WOMAN from Mabvuku says she has been under a relentless attack from her lover’s wife and son.

She has pleaded with the Harare Civil Court to grant her a peace order against the duo.

Mercy Monga said she could no longer bear the assaults and insults from her lover’s wife, Mary Ukomba, and her son, Owen Ukomba.

“I am also her husband’s wife. 

“Mary akatuma munhu kuti anokore tsoka yangu kuti ayende nayo kun’anga.

“Mary and Owen came to my workplace and insulted me, saying I am a prostitute and poured a drink on my face.

“They even went to my mother’s place and accused her of giving me juju to lure men,” said Mercy.

She said the two assaulted her and were made to pay a fine at Mabvuku Police Station.

Responding to Mercy’s accusations, Mary disputed ever going to Mercy’s place or assaulting or insulting her.

“She is the one who came to my house to insult and accuse me of trying to bewitch her.

“I never assaulted her, but we fought,” said Mary.

Owen said he met Mercy when she came to their house, and he never assaulted or insulted her.

“She is my father’s girlfriend and I met her when she came to our house.

“I have never gone to her house or workplace,” said Owen

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Mercy the peace order.

“Considering that you paid a fine, it shows that you assaulted her and the application is granted. 

“You are ordered to maintain peace,” she said.

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