Motorists plead with ZIMRA

02 Oct, 2020 - 11:10 0 Views
Motorists plead with ZIMRA


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

MOTORISTS have been pleading with Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to respond in time their applications following the body’s move to go digital.

ZIMRA has been encouraging their clients to make their applications through e-mails and motorists are not happy with the delay in responding forcing them to visit the offices.

“We are here to enquire from ZIMRA although we made our applications through emails as directed,” said one of the motorist at Kurima House.

“They made a good move in line with Covid-19 guidelines to avoid unnecessary movement but their response is what is forcing us to come here.

“We are urging them to open the emails and take their time to respond so as to maintain confidence with us since Central Vehicle Registration is delaying in issuing paid registration plates.

“ZIMRA yacho yavakuunganidza vanhu tese tichinzi dzokai tikubatsirei na 2pm tosvikoungana ivo vamboti vavakushandisa email.

“It is not good to ask all clients to report at the same time considering that Covid-19 measures want us to maintain social distance,” said the motorist.

H-Metro yesterday witnessed a number of people failing to observe social distancing at Kurima House which houses Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

Some of the motorists who left the premises with their documents processed said they had applied around 35 days ago.

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