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MOTORISTS and residents have hailed the rehabilitation of King George Road and East Road in Avondale and Belgravia which have been in a bad state, as more roads in Harare are being given a facelift.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Felix Mhona said the ongoing works show the commitment by the Government to deliver meaningful progress towards infrastructural development.

“We want to produce a modern way of roads as good road infrastructure is one of the key pillars that support economic development and an efficient transportation system is crucial for trade, investment and connectivity,” he said.

A motorist, Edgar Shamhu, said King George Road was now in a poor state.

“We are really happy with the rehabilitation of King George and East Road,” he said.

“The roads had really become unsafe.

“We are also happy with the professionalism that the contractors are showing.

“We are hopeful that the road will be properly rehabilitated.

“We are grateful to the Government for this initiative.

“We hope that once it’s complete they can put humps on the road to avoid accidents because the road is frequently used by learners who will be going to school.”

Another resident, Ngoni Katsvairo, who is a transporter, also hailed the Government for the programme.

“This reduces costs of our operations as there will be no need to continue repairing cars because of the state of the roads,” he said.

“Decent roads also ensure the safety of passengers as there will be a reduction in road traffic accidents.

“For the general public, travelling will also be made easy.”

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