Motorists scramble for plates

29 Sep, 2020 - 10:09 0 Views
Motorists scramble for plates Motorists throng the CVR to get registration plates in order to avoid trouble with police


Arron Nyamayaro and Kudzai Shamu

WITH police impounding unregistered vehicles, there has been a high demand for plates at Central Vehicle Registration which has seen the entity running out of supply.

CVR is now in a crucial task to clear the backlog with hordes of people thronging their offices to get plates.

The body yesterday had names displayed on the notice board by the office entrance along Robson Manyika Avenue for those whose plates had been processed.


Officials manning the registration office entrance were yesterday directing motorists who applied for their vehicle registration to first check for their names on notice board before joining the queue to collect their plates.

“We are happy to see that there are some who applied who are receiving their plates because it had become risky to drive around with unregistered vehicles,” said one of the motorists.


“Police iri kupisa paroad kuno uku; ma plates haasikubuda zvekumhanya,” added the motorist.


Another motorist, Tapiwa Mutasa (42) had similar complaints,

“l have two cars which were taken by the police and  have no money to take back my cars so they must not continue taking our cars yet there are no number plates.”


Wesley Marauke (30) was also caught shouting at CVR staff to process plates,


“These guys are the ones delaying processes in their offices because they need us to bribe them with 140usd for us to get number plates. So we are saying no to bribery”.


The general sentiment was to deal with CVR first for they do not have enough number plates. Only then should they push for arrests of non-compliant drivers.


In a recent statement, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said it was easy for police to track vehicles which are legally registered and licensed in case of accidents and those involved in criminal activities such as robbery and rape.


Police clarified that it is in the interest of motorists and road safety that all vehicles moving on the road should have permanent registration plates.

Efforts to get comment from the transport ministry were fruitless by the time of going to print.

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