Motorists urged to install mobile trackers

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6 August 2018


POLICE have urged motorists to install mobile trackers following the recovery of a stolen vehicle in Chegutu last week.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) spokesperson, Detective Inspector Portia Chinho confirmed the arrest of Kelvin Moyo of Kuwadzana in Harare for armed robbery case.

She advised members of the public to be wary of carjackers and thieves targeting parked motor vehicles and taxis.

“Circumstances are that the suspect approached the complainant who operates a taxi and hired him to a road behind Chicken Inn in Chegutu indicating that he wanted to pick something before proceeding to Hintonville Suburb,” said Detective Inspector Chinho.

“Complainant drove his motor vehicle for less than two hundred metres from Chicken Inn and the suspect ordered him to stop.

“He complied and suddenly, two more suspects who are still at large appeared from the darkness.

“They forcibly removed the complainant from the driver’s seat threatening to shoot him and the other suspect jumped onto the driver’s seat and drove back into town leaving complainant at the scene.

“A report was made at ZRP Chegutu and detectives from CID Chegutu and CID Kadoma teamed up and coordinated with the complainant who kept them updated since his motor vehicle was on mobile tracking.

“On 30 July 2018, at around 0200 hours, CID Kadoma with the assistance of the complainant’s mobile tracking system managed to locate the vehicle parked.

“They arrested the suspect at the scene and his two accomplices managed to escape.

“Upon searching the vehicle, detectives recovered a Revolver .357 Magnum and four rounds of ammunition, two pouches and other items in a small bag which was on the back seat where suspect was seated,” said Detective Insp Chinho.

Police are appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of the two outstanding suspects Wonder Amidu and one Tauzeni.

Vehicle owners are encouraged to exercise due diligence and avoid leaving strangers in their motor vehicles.

Detective Inspector Chinho also urged motorists to avoid leaving the keys on ignition and also install vehicle tracking systems and taxi drivers are urged to be alert and scrutinize their clients before offering services.

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