Movie raises awareness on maid selection

Latwell Nyangu

South Africa-based actors have released a movie series, The Slay Queen Maid, which raises awareness for women to be careful when deciding on the domestic workers they employ.

The movie dwells on a slay queen maid who was having an affair with her boss but the boss’ wife found out about the affair and decided to scald the maid with boiling water.

The movie was produced by Simon Jamukoko and written by Lesley Gondo.

In an interview, Jamukoko said families must be very careful about the domestic workers they hire because many will end up losing their marriages.

“Ladies must be very careful about the maids they employ because many of them will end up losing their marriages.

“And they must not overreact to kana vaona murume akuita kumbo mumbai kumbo panze  because they will find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

“The movie also encourages men to respect their marriages and not let maids destroy them.

“Ladies must not hire someone more beautiful (slay queen) than them rather hire relatives or older women,” he said.

“The series will hit the small screens this March and this is the Slay Queen season.

“We continue to address issues affecting families, for example, we did another one Muparadzi, Mari yeRopa, and Betrayed among other series.”

In the movie, after the wife burns her maid, she gets admitted and the wife is charged with attempted murder.

Even though she starts regretting her actions, this doesn’t stop her husband from visiting the maid in the hospital.

After the maid gets discharged, she moves in and starts staying with her boss before she pushes him to start processing the divorce papers.

The wife is on the verge of losing both her marriage and her freedom and a huge conflict begins.

Part of the cast included Tanatswa Fukiza, Celani S Rice,Thomas Wonekai,Trish Garapasi, and Trueman Chikukwa.



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