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NATIONAL Arts Council of Zimbabwe director, Nicholas Moyo, reckons their job is being made easier by yesteryear artists honouring departed players in the creative sector.

The NACZ boss said he was pleased by how seasoned artists of Clive Malunga’s calibre have decided to chat a new narrative in documenting Zimbabwe’s cultural heritage and history.

He opened up to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle ahead of Tineyi Chikupo’s mausoleum unveiling on October 3 in Murewa, thanks to Malunga’s Jenaguru Arts Centre’s initiative.

After Chikupo’s forth-coming mausoleum unveiling, according to Malunga, attention will also shift to Big Tembo’s tombstone erection months later, an initiative hailed by the NACZ bosses.

Tineyi Chikupo

“When you look at Clive Malunga’s plan to remember Tineyi Chikupo with the putting of a tombstone, which is going to be unveiled (on October 3), it speaks a lot about chatting a new way of remembering our legends.

“We therefore give credit to Clive Malunga for taking leadership in that and for me representing the National Arts Council it is the right thing to do.

“It’s a challenge that is being thrown to the sector because Clive has shown us the way,” he said.

Moyo said the supreme arts regulatory chiefs will continue backing fellow players in the arts industry with new ideas.

“Clive has created the new narrative and the challenge now goes to promoters, organisations and many people that have worked with various artistes at different times of their lives who might have passed that is it important that we may remember these as heroes and heroines with our sector.

“This is also a challenge that we don’t need politicians to then define to us and give us direction, it is also a challenge that we don’t need outsiders to then define to us and then give us one status or another.

“We can honour our own and present our own with various types honours,” he said.

Asked how they reacted to Malunga’s concept of honouring departed arts legends when he approached them, Moyo explained:

Clive Malunga

“On behalf of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, I was very welcoming when Clive started sending me messages and voices notes saying Mukoma this is what I wanted to do.

“He is a very forceful guy but a very creative person.

“As the NACZ, we said we gonna come in in a small way because we are over stretched in terms of other events that we are doing but we are happy that he pointed out the areas where he wanted to be supported.

“As the director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, I was happy to confirm our support for the areas that he wanted our support.

“We support him now and we will support him, he is one of our great legends.”

The NACZ director said the major challenge they now face as a sector was documenting history of departed legends.

“Lastly, it is very important that we preserve our history through exactly what is happening with Clive Malunga.

“I think the major question now is what’s next as an industry and as a country.

“If you look at Tineyi, he contributed a lot pre independence through his music but we say beyond that one day Zimbabwe will be 100 years old and no one will be talking about it but we need to be talking about legends.

“We need to be talking about this that we have done very well and this is a new narrative, which creates a new conversation around things that we be doing.”

Born on March 19 1952 and died on September 22 1992 aged 40.

Chikupo is now being honoured 29 years after his death, thanks to Malunga’s initiative.

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