MP on the run?

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MP on the run?


11 July 2016

CHIRUMHANZU South Legislator Innocent Pedzisai was last week issued with a warrant of arrest after he failed to attend court for a hearing in which he is accused of duping a home seeker through his Innop Housing Development Trust.

Pedzisai and his company are accused of conning Simbarashe Humbani of US$2 500 in a botched residential stand deal.

He was supposed to appear before Harare magistrate Bianca Mkwande for trial but failed to avail himself leaving the court with no option but to issue a warrant of arrest.

The Chirumhanzu South Legislator and his company are being charged with fraud.

He is denying the charges.

State counsel Dora Moyo is alleging that sometime in November 2012 Humbani visited Innop Housing Development at No.48 Aspindale Kambuzuma, Harare with intention to purchase a residential stand.

Pedzisai reportedly told Humbani that there were stands which were available for sale before advising him to pay an initial deposit.

Reports are that Humbani paid an initial deposit of US$2 000 and was issued with a receipt bearing Pedzisai’s name.

The State also alleges that Humbani was then allocated a stand-No.674 Kambuzuma Extension.

It is also said that Humbani went on to deposit another installment of US$500 sometime in January 2013.

Humbani is said to have been issued with a receipt and he then started digging a foundation with intention to build at the stand.

Reports are that whilst he was in the process of digging the foundation two men visited at the stand claiming to the rightful owners of the said piece of land.

The two men reportedly started filling up the foundation arguing that the piece of land did not belong to Innop Housing Development.

Their actions forced Humbani to visit Innop Housing Development making some enquiries over what was happening concerning the stand he had paid for.

Antony Pedzisai and another person only identified as Serima allegedly told Humbani that there was nothing they could do since they were still processing ownership documents for the said piece of land.

Reports are that Humbani later discovered that Innop Housing development had no land in Kambuzuma which prompted him to lodge a complaint with the police.

Pedzisai was arrested and taken to court where he also failed to attend his trial earning himself a warrant of arrest.

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