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SUNGURA musician, Mr Flavour, reckons his move to collaborate with Chinese businessman-cum-musician, Yuan Gamba, is paying off.

Mr Flavour, whose real name is Anyway Mukani, is making waves with his hit song titled Muzezuru featuring Yuan.

He has also been praised for his fashion sense, which distinguishes him from other artists. 

He said he was inspired by the late Tongai Moyo and that he was passionate about his dressing. 

“I used to dress like Tongai Moyo and at times like Leonard Zhakata with my two belts. To be frank, it was Tongai Moyo who inspired me from an early age to venture into music,” he said.

Despite being labelled the smartest sungura artist, Mr Flavour said he prioritises his career.

 “I don’t want to be called the smartest artist. I am still concentrating on my music to become the best; I do not have money for the smartest outfits I envy.

“What I know is that I bath a lot, five times per day. Firstly, I bath in the morning before going to the gym, in the afternoon after lunch and also before my light evening gym work, after gym then at 11pm before going to bed.”

He said being smart makes him complete.

“I am so passionate about my dress code that if I forget my watch, I will go back to get it, even after travelling 50km from home.

“I do not usually forget anything about my smartness because as a legally married father blessed with one child, Anayishe Allen, I do not make such mistakes,” he bragged.

He, however, refused to disclose his wife’s name.

“I do not publicise my precious possessions. Do we divulge where our gold, diamond or cash is? Just know that she is of the Gumbo totem and I am Madyirapazhe from Gutu Musana,” he said.

He also gave advice to fellow artists.

“Firstly, let us not judge each other by hearsay. I visited JP and Macheso and what I got from them was the opposite of what I had heard about them before.

“Secondly, I discovered that if we become united as artists, no one will suffer because our challenges will be easily tackled.

“Thirdly to our fans, just be tolerant if you don’t like this or that artist because it is God who decides who will be rolling the airwaves at that particular time.

“For example, Jah Prayzah might be at the same level with the likes of Burna Boy, Joe Boy or P-Square, Davido and Chris Martin, but data affordability is affecting us.

He believes data affordability has made it easier for Nigerian artists to become popular. 

“In Zimbabwe getting data for WhatsApp might be a challenge for most of us, but 24/7 YouTube data for a Nigerian or Western music fan is something basic.”

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