Maria Chiguvari

CONTROVERSY has rocked the Mr Teen pageant after allegations emerged that the winner, Abel Mugari, was unfairly dethroned by the organisers over a US$30 debt from a boot camp event.

Ishmael Murangadi is said to have stripped Mugari of his title.

Mugari said he was unable to foot the cost of the boot camp and only paid US$10.

His parents then offered to pay 50 percent of the fee. However, this did not stop Murangadi from stripping Mugari of his title and shield.

Murangadi stated that he does not care as it will help boost the pageant.

“Chero mukanyora zvamunoda, he is no longer Mr Teen Zimbabwe,” said Murangadi.

A source told H-Metro:

“I tried to reason with him, but he was rude and stated that Abel was rude, yet Abel is a sweet child.

“He said that brand rakakura kudhara iri hariuraiwe neFacebook post.”

In a statement, Mugari said:

“It was with great sadness and much disappointment that I learnt of the decision by the organisers of Mr Teen Zimbabwe to strip me of my title, as overall winner of Mr Teen Zimbabwe, as well as Brand Ambassador of the Mr Teen Zimbabwe organisation.

“The organisation has cited an investigation into my conduct, which revealed my behaviour to be unacceptable.

“I feel it would be remiss of me to accept this position without sharing my side of the story.

“As a young man, who has hopes to make strides in the media fraternity and other spaces, I do not take lightly the importance of maintaining a clean brand, particularly one that will have influenced and impacted those younger than me.

“Prior to the actual event, at which I was crowned Mr Teen Zimbabwe, the organisers had arranged a boot camp, which came at a cost of US$40.

“Unfortunately, I was unable to travel from Harare to Bulawayo because of logistical challenges which I explained to the organisers,” said Mugari.

He arrived in Bulawayo on a Saturday in time for the event at which he was crowned Mr Teen Zimbabwe, but the organiser insisted that he pays the required fee.

“The organisers insisted they still required the full US$40 payment for a boot camp I had not attended.

“I was only able to pay US$10 which I had on me and informed them that I would discuss the balance with my parents.”

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