Msipa relives Spain experience

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Msipa relives Spain experience Emmaculate Msipa


 . . . Life will never be the same


ZIMBABWE Mighty Warriors skipper Emmaculate Msipa said her team’s relegation fight was a good test for the players.

Msipa, the reigning Footballers Union of Zimbabwe female player of the year, recently returned home from her debut season with the Spanish Segunda Division Feminina football side, CF Joventut Almassora.

CF Joventut Almassora went on to survive relegation. However, Msipa is looking forward to a top finish in the upcoming season.

H-Metro’s SHELLY GUNI caught up with Msipa who spoke about her stay in Spain, life and other things. Below is the full interview.

  1. How would you sum up your time in Spain, would you say things turned out the way you wanted?

Yes, l can say things turned out the way I wanted because life will never be the same. It’s every footballer’s dream to play in Europe.

  1. What are some of the major highlights you had in Spain and how much would you say it has helped you as a player?

Playing in big stadiums, training style, proper football equipment, being given your apartment your privacy shows the importance of a player. Then training style and equipment helped me a lot especially improving my performance and physical fitness.

Emmaculate Msipa (centre) in action for her side F Joventut Almassora.

  1. How did you feel having to fight relegation in Spain considering that from this side you were always fighting for the title?

I feel good and happy because that’s where you see how good you are as a player or as a team fighting for relegation at the end you survive, my team showed team at heart we worked as team, l give credit to the coach because he always says to us “l believe in you girls you can do it and be happy its football.”

  1. What’s next for you?

I just want to play for my team till the end and fight with them so we go Division One and on the other side working hard so that l get scouted. l want to play in England or China.

  1. When you first learnt of your move to Spain what was your first reaction?

I was in shock, I asked myself if I was dreaming or not. I couldn’t believe it from the day I left for Spain. You know I was used to traveling with the national team as a group so that time I was on my own. I told myself this is my dream come true and when I landed in Spain I was happy and couldn’t believe myself that Spain is for real.

  1. You were talking a lot about the language barrier, how did you manage to communicate with the other players and from the little you learnt can you tell us your favourite saying in Spanish?

First days were very difficult but as time went on l started to learn Spanish on my own. Then on the pitch my teammate Anabe used to help me and also tell me what the coach would have said. My favourite saying in Spanish is Necesito dinero para combra comida which translates to ‘l need money to buy food’ .or Como estas meaning ‘how are you doing?’

  1. Describe your worst sports performance in your career. What did you learn from this experience?

My worst sports performance was the recent COSAFA 2020 when I was red carded whilst the players, coaches and our fans were expecting great performance from me. I was hurt but it’s part of football.

The Mighty Warriors skipper is the reigning Footballers Union of Zimbabwe female fotballer of the year

  1. What kept you motivated being away from home, what was your source of inspiration?

My family, friends and my fellow women football players always motivate me. This is the chance to change everyone’s life, my family, friends and fellow women players so l have to work hard.  My source of inspiration l used to watch documentaries of African players like Eto’o, Okocha and others who inspire me to go on.

  1. Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a great athlete?

Endurance. l believe that going box to box, power on shooting and playing basic football and lastly not being selfish sets me apart.

  1. If you weren’t a football player, what profession would you have gone into?

Basketball or mechanics.

  1. What advice would you give to fellow players?

Don’t give up on your talent. I believe football needs patience and to keep focused even if things are not working according to plan, one day is one day. Remember we are all stars but the time to shine is different. And it can take you years but one season will change your life when your time comes.



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