Mt Darwin cholera under control: Dr Moyo

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Mt Darwin cholera under control: Dr Moyo Minister Moyo


5 December 2018

Minister Moyo

Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo yesterday said the cholera situation in Mt Darwin was under control though they still had cases coming in.

The minister said they had all they required to treat the cases that were coming in.

As of yesterday statics reported that there were 200 reported cases, whilst the deaths are still at four.

“We have everything that we need; it’s all under control though there are cases that are still coming in.

“The cholera has not spread to any area and is still within the confides of the area.

“There are three cholera treatment centres set that are taking in patients,” said Dr Moyo.

The minister also urged people to take caution especially this rainy season.

“We strongly advise people to be cautious and vigilant and to continuously wash hand before meals.

“They should boil water, use water guard and continue to practice hygienic methods during this rainy season,” added Dr Moyo.

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