Mteki condemns violence

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Mteki condemns violence


3 August 2018


…calls for UNITY, Inclusivity

BRYN Taurai Mteki, one of the 23 presidential candidates who contested in the 2018 harmonised elections, has denounced post-election violence and called for unity among Zimbabweans.

Below is the statement the presidential candidate has released:

Let me start by conveying my condolences to the grieving families of those who lost their lives yesterday, this is unacceptable.

My heart bleeds when I see our country in turmoil over supremacy.

Innocent lives have been lost we don’t condone such barbaric behavior lets settle our differences in a peaceful way, the scenes of yesterday send a wrong message to the world. We need to mend our relations internally so that the international community sees us a one united rainbow nation of Zimbabwe .

As I have been always advocating for if I am declared as the winner I will create an all-inclusive Government dubbed the “National Team Of Politics”

This is the only Solution for Zimbabwe.

If I don’t win as democratic as I am I will respect the winner and the will of the people.

Our nation is divided as you can see from the events of yesterday (Wednesday) we can’t afford another five years of divisions, I call upon all political leaders to shun violence, and we should come together and put the people first.

I was on record when I said Party politics have killed our great nation, divisions and factionalism among others also are to blame.

We all know when we went into this election that there will be winners and losers. Lets pray for peace and we uphold our peace pledge.

Demonstration as much as they are democratic and constitutional rights, but I believe in engaging. For the past 38 years the politics of our country drew us back as a nation.

For once I call upon all the people of Zimbabwe to continuously stand united and speak with one voice, voice of concern.

Let ZEC finalises the announcements then from there we can map the way forward as a nation collectively.

Our main obligation as your political leaders is to free our people from adverse poverty. This country needs national healing, Unity, Peace and Reconciliation then we are good to Go.

I can assure you if we stand united, the country can move. We need to put our political differences aside and work together as Zimbabweans.

This current post election violence was amplified by the press and social media whereby the 2018 race was perceived as a 2-man race instead of 23. This brought a lot of unnecessary attention on only 2 Presidential candidates which was an obvious time bomb.

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